When you hear “oral sex,” who do you automatically imagine is performing the oral sex? Most likely, you will imagine a woman performing oral sex on a man. The media deserve a great part of the blame for this…

 Interesting assumption there.

 Cunnilingus requires the woman’s partner to be up-close and personal with her genitalia, more so than during intercourse. In order to get the utmost pleasure from receiving oral sex, she should not be worrying about the appearance, smell, and taste of her genitalia.

Yes, that is true.  Men, for the most part, don’t consider that.  Unless maybe you have been working out or running.  But even still, men are pretty shameless.

Although it is easier said than done, this is extremely important because women who perceive their genitals negatively get less pleasure out of cunnilingus.

And they assume this is cause and effect, not just a correlation.

Even the star of the movie Twilight, idolized by many adolescent girls, had said, “I really hate vaginas. I’m allergic to vagina” 

I’ve heard women who have said they are scared of a penis.  Did he really say that?

The findings provide strong evidence that a woman’s self-esteem and sexual esteem play significant roles in her sex life and how much she enjoys it.

 So what are your thoughts about this?  I really hate when we blame the media for everything.  A lot of the issues we blame the media for have existed long before television.  I perceive the media as an extension of culture, not its own entity that dictates culture (there are exceptions, of course).  The low rate of women receiving oral sex existed long before television and the internet.  

My thoughts: cunnilingus and fellatio are two distinct, unique phenomenon.  There is more at play here than merely a “deep-seated cultural disdain for female genitalia.”  I love female genitalia, so I’m working with that information.  Trust is also a huge and largely IGNORED factor of oral sex.  Women are in a much more vulnerable position while receiving oral sex.  Theoretically, women should require more trust with their partner in order to receive oral sex.  Men are usually in a more dominant, controlled position, which requires less trust. 

I’m definitely not denying the fact that women may have more negative feelings regarding their genitalia when compared to men.  Socialization is another huge reason for this discrepancy.  Sex is taught to men and women in very different manners with very different emphases.  This socialization began well before “the media.”

I’m not denying media influence as much as I am trying to find alternative explanations behind this phenomena.  I gave a few (trust, socialization) and I am sure that you guys have a few more.  I’d be happier if we were able to say that media MODERATES this relationship.  The media obviously didn’t start the issue, but may be prolonging the effect and may be changing the phenomena.  Also, what about lesbians and bisexuals?  Do they generally have higher levels of satisfaction with their genitalia?  Why hasn’t the media affected them in the same manner?  

Personally, I am a great admirer of female genitalia and love to perform oral sex.  It’s one of my favorite activities.  Everyone really should enjoy giving and receiving.  (Have I also mentioned that I love to cook and go to the theater……*nudge *nudge women of Tumblr)

Found this super interesting so I thought I would share